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Travel Insurance Plan
Travel Insurance Plan

Traveling to unknown land; exploring new cultures, and enjoying a vacation are everyone's dream. So, today traveling has become a passion and everybody wants to explore the world. But, we must have actions prepared for any holiday spoilers. Generally, holiday spoilers are the one that can create worries to great extent. So, we must have a secure assistance and aid at disposal to eradicate holiday woes.

Travel insurance is the best plan to counteract any holiday spoilers. However, experts recommend opting for travel specific insurance policies to make your journey more worries free. There are numerous worldwide travel insurance policies available in market, so we must apply discretion and read all terms carefully before selecting a policy.

What are the benefits of ‘Travel Insurance Plans'?

The real benefit is paying low premium (the premiums are low due to their region specific plans). However, the region specific plans also provide high features.

There's no limit on ailment and age, for selecting travel insurance cover

The good insurance company will always have option of up gradation to business class

Worldwide travel insurance cover is also valid for Schengen Visa

All hospitalization in case of accidents are applicable for double sum insured without any extra costs

The cashless claim settlements option is direct and instant

So, with a best insurance cover for your travel itineraries, you will cut short all unnecessary worries and able to enjoy your dream vacation or business meet with all heart. The unique features provided by insurance companies like ‘automated policy renewal or extension' medical emergency evacuation, and no sub limits option make it really great from travelling risks covering point of view.

Let's look into some frequently asked questions:

What are the rules or options available for frequent flyers?

The frequent flyers can get the benefit of multi trip policy. There are two types of multi trip policies available ‘Multi Trip with maximum 45 days per trip' and ‘Multi Trip with maximum 60 days per trip'.

In case of sudden illness like one is down with malaria and son has to return to school?

The feature of return of minor child will cover the expenses of your minor to return back home in safe custody. In case this condition is applied when you're hospitalized and traveling alone with your kids.

What if you have got some medical emergency or injured your spine or back and can't travel by economy class? 

The compensation for business class up gradation is provided for return air travel in case of hospitalization.

What if you have unintentionally injured an old lady on trip? 

The injury is subjected to personal liability cover; and this feature will enable you to compensate for the expenses against any physical injury, or damage of property that occurred accidentally to any third party during your holiday.

What if someone looses their passport? 

The feature of loss of passport cover will compensate for the expenses of new or duplicate passport issuance.

What will happen in case of flight delay?

In case of delay in flight, beyond 12 consecutive hours, the expenses are covered.

What if you cancel your trip for any specific reason or natural calamities? 

The unique feature of trip cancellation and interruption will cover all financial losses arising out of trip cancellation due to any reason ranging from man-made to natural calamities'.

What if I meet with an accident or the vehicle I am traveling meets with an accident?

Personal accident cover is always incorporated in travel insurance plans. So, here the sum insured is double in case of accidental hospitalization. If the aircraft you're traveling meets with an ill fate; than common carrier accident death will result in lump sum amount of sum insured to be paid.

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