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Car insurance What Accidents With The Uninsured Driver

Are you one of the 20 drivers who regularly drive without insurance? Better to be careful. The machine can be crushed and sent to the largest melting machine in the world!

The new forces allow the police to confiscate, maintain and destroy all vehicles on the road without insurance. The pilot project started in Durham last spring. The police then arrested more than 1,200 cars. About half of them are crushed into pieces, melted and packaged.

Takeaway is known as a pilot project, and the British police have passionately succeeded in cleaning the truck. This system was supported by a new database of the national police, managed by the insurance industry. This allows the police to see the entire auto insurance status in the UK sitting in a patrol car.

If you are caught without insurance, you must give the police the keys to the road. There are no exceptions - this applies to all; It doesn't matter if you forget your mistakes or conscious driving without insurance.

Then we must take the shoes! It only takes 14 days to issue the current police and pick up the car. And other expenses are increasing. You must pay a fee for changing the towel (about £ 105) and a deposit before the trip. This can be easily reached at £ 15 per day. Therefore, if you drive by car until the 14th day, you can register for £ 315.

If you do not want to return your car, lower the switch!

During the pilot period, the cost of grinding cars was partially supported by the Direct Line. According to their estimates, the operation "Takeaway" prevented up to 2000 accidents. And many cars arrested by the police were found inadequate.

“Unsecured drivers are often responsible for many other crimes, such as driving licenses and IAO certificates, and we are doing everything possible to remove this dangerous and illegal driver from the streets,” said a police spokesman.

In fact, uninsured drivers are much more than we expected. The Ministry of Transport recently announced that one of its 20 drivers was driving without insurance on a regular basis. A study by the British Insurance Association found that uninsured drivers have the highest risk of traffic. On average, they are three times more likely to cause accidents every six months, unintentional and faulty.

And who pays for accidents that are not covered? To recover the cost of damage caused by an uninsured driver, you will be charged an average premium for electric cars in the amount of £ 30. Every year the £ 500 million legal driver pays everywhere in the UK!

But this is not the end of our financial power. If an unsafe car crashes into the car, it will still be found "guilty" of the rules. In other words, you have to pay the surplus when repairing your car. If you do not have the right to defend a claim, there are restrictions. If you reduce the bonus without claims by two years, the bonus will be £ 275 higher.

Moving cars off the road and their fragmentation was welcomed by the British Insurance Association. ABI has long criticized light fines imposed by unauthorized drivers, but wants more stringent sanctions. Punchers usually take between 150 and 200 pounds sterling during the payment period. This can not be true justice!

Car insurance Have you ever been in an accident with an unsafe driver? 

Drivers who are uninsured are 10 times more likely to drink or drive a car, and they are sentenced three times more often without worrying or caring about them. It also causes accidents every six months. In fact, all 20 drivers drive regularly without insurance. Therefore, it is only natural that one out of ten drivers had an accident involving an uninsured driver. The problem is what to do when an accident occurs.

It is impossible to understand that no other driver was insured during an accident. Therefore, you must respond as usual. Please check the number, model and registration number of the other vehicle. Remember the name and address of the other driver - but he will not give you the information you need! Always be aware of other drivers. If you do not have this information, you will not be able to get your money back.

Also record damage to other vehicles and accidents. If possible, show road signs and weather conditions and remember that other vehicles are included. If you are lucky to have an independent witness, full contact information will be provided. If you have a camera in your car, try taking many pictures and taking a picture with other drivers. Such a policeman!

If your policy is comprehensive, your insurer pay for your car to be repaired but you could lose your no claims discount unless you've paid to protect it. But then there's the issue of your excess payment – that's the first part of the repair cost you have to pay for. You'll have to pay that unless you're lucky enough to have a policy that waives the excess payment if you're hit by an uninsured driver.

For those of you with third party car insurance, you're in for a hard time. Your insurer won't pay for your repairs and, as the other driver is uninsured, you're not going to get any money off him unless you can trace him and succeed in a court action. Even then there's no guarantee that he'll pay up! Your only guaranteed solution is to make a compensation claim to the Motor Insurers' Bureau - but you'll still have to pay the first £300 of the claim.

The insurance company’s office must first report the incident to the police, stating that it has a car number for another driver. Always ask the police for a copy of the accident report, because you report to the police. The office telephone number can be 01908 671681 or by email: enquiries@mib.org.uk English law changes for motorists who currently do not have an engine. Any driver of an old unsafe car could face £ 100, and he could damage his car. If you are currently driving without insurance, the average penalty is only £ 170. If the cost of car insurance is much higher, this is not a penalty. Losing a car and a fine of 100 pounds is much more realistic. I hope the court will perfectly fulfill the burdensome sanctions!

A police spokesman recently said: “Unsecured drivers are often accused of many other driving crimes, such as driving licenses or driving licenses, so we are doing everything possible to get rid of dangerous and illegal drivers outside our cars. We will tell him the blues and two!

Car insurance What Accidents With The Uninsured Driver

Unstable driver crashes

If you have a car accident that has caused damage or injury, you must tell someone with a “good reason” your registration number, for example, your name, address and vehicle.

What you must provide:

If you are not a police officer, you will be notified of the name and address of the vehicle owner within 24 hours after the accident.

If you are not transferring data to the scene, report it to your insurance company.

Motorcycle drivers involved in an accident involving uninsured motorists should:

Notify the police of an accident with an uninsured person. You must contact the Insurance Bureau (MIB) for compensation.

Car insurance is safe driving 

Car insurance is the only way to save on insurance. Auto insurance is an ideal solution for car theft, an accident, etc. People become addicted to cars, lose their cars as a result of an accident or are stolen, or incur financial losses. It also affects daily activities, such as the appointment of offices, schools and doctors.

Some insurance companies offer various standard benefits, while other benefits are offered as additional insurance for additional premiums. The most common benefits of car insurance are:

  • Window frames
  • Driving on other vehicles 
  • Medical expenses
  • Personal belongings
  • New cars
  • Change key
Many auto insurance companies offer such benefits as a low premium, 70% discount on first-class service (unless your recommended garage has not repaired your car). The service is free (if the car is repaired by one of the recommended garages). We also offer additional services, such as emergency stop support and car protection at the lowest price. Auto insurance agents manage insurance policies from start to finish. 

Now it is easy to buy auto insurance online. Car insurance online is the best option if you want to save time and money.

Additional car insurance 

Car protection 
This service pays for injuries caused by accidents, as well as injuries that others may receive. This service also includes loss of ownership. This service is also related to the legal process. 

Assistance with damage 
This service is usually useful in case of damage to the car and in the worst case. You can get more information about this service by purchasing auto insurance or by expanding your online insurance.

How do I register an uninsured vehicle? 

Every car owner must have auto insurance to drive vehicles on the UK highway. The minimum coverage is liability insurance. In 2011, CIE (Continuous Insurance) entered into force. This is a legal violation of vehicle safety without insurance if the car is on the road or does not have a SORN. Regardless of who carries the car, registered car owners are punished and must be insured whenever they pay a fine.

Without adequate insurance, the driver may charge a fixed fine of £ 100. 

You can catch, catch or destroy the car.

A fine of up to £ 1000 may be charged. - Charge. If you get a driver without a driver's license.

If an uninsured police car was declared uninsured, a £ 300 fine for a limited violation of the right to encourage the shelling and destruction of the vehicle and askMID. Make an online review of your motorcycle insurance database. The center of each vehicle is covered in the UK. 

To report an uninsured vehicle, call the local police service, other than an emergency call, or call Crimestoppers at 0800 555 111.

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